The goal of this themed series is to raise the quality of life for those participating by assisting activity professionals and caregivers in conducting interactive music programs with ease and with little preparation, whether or not they are musically inclined. The packages are user friendly, supplying everything, music and singing (CD), reprintable song lyrics, trivia questions with answers, dance movements with descriptions, as well as directions and encouragement. You don’t have to research anything! You have instant programs, ready to go. Just use the Program Directions to organize one or many different programs taking the material from the various sections in the book.

Each section of the books can also be used as a separate activity. The Musical Games Section is one that lends itself to activities done outside the musical “show” format and the CD can be played for just sing-alongs or listening music.

Programs can be conducted by just one person and can include decorations, food in the theme, props, musical instruments, advance and follow-up activities. Suggestions for these additions are found in the books. Themed programs are fun not only for the participants, but also for visiting families and friends.

Programs offer plenty of flexibility and hours of fun for all.
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