"Music...key in "bridging the gap" between clients and their past and futures.......needed are specialized programs designed to assist Activitiy Professionals and their staff in better reaching their clientele....for all levels.....Susan Reid....dynamic entertainer, beautiful voice and musical talents dazzled our clients....has been hosting a one-hour session that coordinates music with physical movement and reminiscing. What a success it has been! She is reaching those we thought were unreachable....gifted performer...a special gift for touching the hearts of those that she comes in contact with...finally an activity (Sing, Dance, Reminisce Series) that would have all of it's parts in one place and would enable even a novice activity staff member to facilitate a flawless music program! It's what we Activity Directors have been waiting for...themed programs...sing-along music and lyrics, reminiscing tools...physical movements appropriate for the geriatric client...Music programs are in short supply, great music programs are extremely rare...I am so blessed that Susan walked through our doors all those years ago."

- M.J. Paulison, Activity Director, Christian Health Care Adult Day Services, Wyckoff, NJ
"Activity programs that are not only fun, but also complete in all the resources needed...a big plus. Susan's program is not only touching on the universal love of music....but also supplies all the components for the activity. It's "grab-and-go"...can be used as a planned activity, but also when you need something at the last minute. Less time in the office prepping as activity means more time spent with the residents. That's very important to us and the residents!"
- The Activity Department at The Edgewood Centre, Portsmouth, NH
"I used Susan Reid's activity song book at an Alzheimer's unit...very successful...attracted a variety of residents in different mental states...very helpful, educational...held their attention and sparked a good conversation."
Kasey Bower, Activity Aide, Strafford County Riverside Rest Home, Dover, NH
"Has our folks moving and singing with irresistibility! This book and CD give us everything we need...great activity program that even a volunteer could run...What would take hours to research, is right there at your finger tips...a lot of pleasure for many sessions...Thank you very much!"
Lori Stackpole, Activity Director, Kennebunk Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Kennebunk, ME
"I haven't seen anything come into our department as fresh, new and lively as this in a long time. I didn't (need to) look at it before I used it...programs are user friendly."
Lori Carbone, Activities Department, Edgewood Centre, Portsmouth, NH
"I forgot all about going to the (silent) movies, but now I'm remembering. We always had so much fun."
Resident, Edgewood Centre, Portsmouth, NH
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